Tailor made wooden decks, flooring and pergola implementations

Browse through the implementations of our tailor made wooden decks, flooring and pergolas. Our pool and jacuzzi decks are the most sought after addition to any house. Our portfolio includes also balcony decks – a great way to capitalise on a stunning view; mezzanine floors which add that extra floor space to any double volume apartment or loft; cladding, boxing and screens, or “vertical” decking – which can be used as a separators or a polished finish to hide anything from unsightly extractor fans to pool pump housing; as well as decking walkways and ramps, which are often utilised at hotels as classiest way to connect chalets and bungalows or outdoor features. 


A deck can be installed in countless shapes, elevations and styles. Regardless of the implementation, the natural character of the solid timber will blend seamlessly with the landscape of any garden and home.


An essential addition to the outdoor deck, commonly topped with polycarbonate or polyethylene,
a pergola will abate the midsummer Highveld sun and even keep the party going during that mid-afternoon rain shower.


Composite decking is truly maintenance free. The natural warm character of solid timber complements perfectly any garden, pool and outdoor entertainment area.


There is nothing better than a solid wooden floor. Mezzanine floors, parquet flooring, old parquet floor restorations, solid timber installations, repairs or refurbishments. We have got you covered.


Balconies are a great way to capitalise on a stunning view and to create a highly desirable outdoor extension to an upstairs bedroom.
We also construct and extend mezzanine floors to add that extra floor space to any double volume apartment or loft.


Balustrade for a patio deck, a classy decking walkway or a balcony – whatever your needs, we’ve got you decked! We use only high quality materials and build to last.


Choose mezzanine flooring as the perfect solution for your double volume loft or studio, adding not only another working and living space, but also cutting edge, smart design.

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